It's About Your Friends

The Canine Community Reporters going around town to make new Friends.

Ok, so you've got a husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, relative or friend and they don't like your Dog.  So what do YOU think you should do.  I'm giving you this advice because I can tell you if you decide to give up YOUR dog, you'll be sorry for the rest of your life.  Guaranteed!  Now, I'm going to tell you Why! 

In case you didn't know it, your Dog chose You.  You may think that you picked them out, but really it's all about the connection you have the instant you meet.  When you connect, it's like no other friendship you'll ever have.  This Dog is your Best Friend for Life.  So you have to ask yourself this.  Do I want to give up the one true friend that I know loves me unconditionally for someone I don't know for sure really loves me?  Then put them to the test.  Here's what you say.  "If you don't like my Dog or if he/she doesn't like you, then I guess we can't have a relationship because my Dog is Family and that's all there is to it!" 

Ok, you got it?  Good, I feel better now.  Have a good week.  And make sure you look out for any new friends you make OK?  So every time you want to make a friend, use this picture below.  Copy it and share it. 

What is a Best Friend?  You're looking at it.  Your Dog.  Use this photo to make new Friends.

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