How To Talk To Your Dog

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Do You Speak Dog?

By Oliver Bovello, CCR  Oliver is giving his opinion and speaking for all dogs in this article

For example, let’s take a simple act of a hug. To you a hug means love and affection. When you receive a welcomed hug from a loved one it makes you feel good inside.

But just what does a hug mean to a us? You're always hugging us and when you do, you're giving us your  affection and sharing your love. However, what you don't realize is to us, a hug is not affection at all. To us, a hug symbolizes a social status ranking as dominance and an invasion of space—lower members of the pack give space to the higher members to show respect. The position of our body is also meaningful to us. The one on top represents a higher status ranking. Therefore, when you bend down and wrap your arms around us, you are not only on top, but you are in our space.

Keeping this logic in mind, it makes total sense to not run up and hug us especially if you don't even know us. Many children are bitten every day by hugging strange dogs, and if you look at it from our perspective, who would blame us? A stranger runs over, asserting dominance on us after they just met us and our reaction is to let you know that we don't want to be dominated. Unlike horses and deer who are "flight animals," we're "fight animals" and we'll communicate our displeasure with a growl and/or a snap or bite. So are you starting to get it yet?

Don't misunderstand us.   It's not a bad to hug us if we're familiar with you provided we're calm and in a submissive state of mind, so long as you are hugging us at a time when you are relaxed and happy. As a matter of fact, the emotional sensation you receive from hugging can be felt by the us, and that energy radiating from you can be very calming to us. Not because the hug has the same meaning to us, but because we're enjoying the calm we feel coming from you.

Your Interpretation of this video

This is a clip of Bonnie Hunt giving her interpretation of this baby crawling over to the dog. Notice the emotion the clip draws from the human. The talk-show host assumes the dog was bonding and acknowledging in a heartfelt, loving kind of way. The host is so moved by what is in that clip that she looks like she could cry. She is overwhelmed with joy about what she believes is an emotional tie between the baby and the dog.

Here's a good example of how you assume we have the same emotions and feelings as you have and put your own interpretations into our reactions.