Let's Help Lilly Walk Again

Meet lilly

Meet lilly

Hi everyone, this is Kathy Tarochione, Partner at Picture A Moment Pet Productions LLC.  We produce The Dog Connection TV and A Good Dog Day Show.  

I have never asked our Fans to help support a rescue dog in need.  This is a first for me for sure.  It's been our policy not to post or promote any "Go Fund Me" or crowdfunding pages to help save animals.  We know there are plenty of websites and social media sites to help. That all changed one day last week.

Dr. sheryl chewcaski - all pets hospital , new port richey, florida

Debra Chase entered the lives of all of us at The Dog Connection TV.  She introduced us to Lilly and our world hasn't been the same ever since.  Lilly was adopted by Debra Chase about 14 months ago.  Lilly has had a very rough life for the last 13 months when her health deteriorated so drastically.  Dr. Sheryl Chewcaskie, Diplomate of the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Specializing in Canine and Feline Medicine, at the All Pet's Hospital in New Port Richey, Florida is Lilly's primary care Veterinarian.  Dr. Chewcaskie recommended several Specialists to determine what was wrong.  At first she was diagnosed with vestibular disease, a ruptured eardrum, then a birth defect.  She has seen numerous DVM's until she met Dr. Jim who has given this loving family some ray of hope.  Here is Lilly's story, written by her Mom. 

written by Debra Chase (Lilly's Mom)

Hi, my name is Lilly. Im a Chorkie. My mommy says that means I’m part Chi and part Yorkie. I was born March 2015. My mommy saw my picture and fell in love with me immediately. She showed my picture to her boyfriend (which now I call daddy).  My mom knew in her heart she wanted me for it was love at first sight. She just knew she had to adopt me, but how and when was the question. Then came the big surprise!

The next day was Mother’s Day.  My Daddy came and picked me up and bought me to my mommy’s work to surprise her.  And boy, was it a big surprise. My mommy started crying. I never saw anybody cry before, so I wondered what I did to make her cry. Then I realized she was crying because she was so happy to see me. She started giving me all kinds of hugs and kisses. She was smiling. So I started giving her kisses too. We went for a ride and they brought me to my new home. I was excited because I had brothers and sisters to play with. I was so happy I had a mommy that loved me and all kinds of toys.  Ok, yeah, my mommy dresses me up in doggy clothes (I’m not to sure I like those yet ). My life was full of fun, love and happiness.

Then one day when my mommy came home I couldn’t walk! I don’t know why but my head was tilted to the left and my whole left side didn't want to work anymore.  My mommy thought I had a stroke.  She rushed me to the (puppy doctor) All Pet’s Hospital in New Port Richey, Florida. The puppy doctor rushed me into the back.  It was so fast, and I was so darn scared.  They did all kinds of tests on me and was wondering why I was doing the “alligator roll”. The doctor put me on some yukky medicines, but they didn’t help. So Dr. Chewy (that’s what I call her) told me I had to go see a specialist, to see why I couldn’t walk anymore.

Next, we went to a place called Blue Pearl in Tampa, Florida. They told my mommy that I had a ruptured eardrum...They gave me more yukky medicine to take. That didn't help me either. When we went back to Blue pearl they wanted to do more testing. My mommy and daddy didn’t have $3600.00 for it so they told her if she couldn’t afford the treatment then it was time for me to go to doggy heaven.  OH NO!!!! My mommy started crying really bad and told them she wouldn’t let me go that she was going to fight for me to live.  I was really glad to hear that she would fight for me. even though I didn’t know what puppy heaven was, I knew it had to be someplace my mommy didn't want me to go to.  She said something about crossing a big Bridge with a Rainbow. 

It was time to go back and see DR. Chewy again. She said “let’s try DR. Jim at Vetria Pet Wellness and Surgery Center in Tampa, Florida.  So that's what we did. Dr Jim said right off I didn’t have any infections or hole in my eardrum at all, and Blue Pearl had been treating me for the wrong thing.  DR Jim made me stay overnight and they put an IV in me and gave me high dosages of steroids. My mommy and daddy came the next day to take me home. I had to have steroids injections twice a day. In my muscle in my hind end ( Big Ouch!)plus a lot of other medicines. I’m now taking steroids by mouth and medicine so I’m not dizzy anymore..and Valproic acid. Dr. Jim says it sometimes helps the bad cells grow back better. He says he thinks I have a birth defect, and as I grew up my disks C-1 and C-2 started separating. So maybe that’s why I cant walk so well. I can take a few steps now, but I fall over a lot. My back left leg is stiff and my front left leg is curled under. Sure does make it hard for me to go potty. I try really hard to hit the puppy pad, but my aim isn't so good. It's OK with my mommy. She just smiles and cleans it up. 

Next step was to have more testing to see if I really did have a birth defect.  Dr. Jim determined it wasn't a birth defect but a neurological issue.  He said that's good news because he may be able to treat it with surgery and lifetime medication.  He has to do a CT Scan and more tests to determine if I can have surgery.  The chances of me getting better to correct my problem are pretty good. 

So here I am today.  My mommy needs some help from people that love dogs like me.  She just can't do it on her own.  She wants the chance to help me to live a good life.  that's why she started a fund so people could help me.  I'm still waiting for the day I can once again run and play. I sure do miss chasing the ball around and wrestling with my brother and sisters.  I know my mommy will do whatever it takes to make me all better because she loves me and I love her. Together, we will fight to make all my boo-boo’s go away.  

After reading the story, looking at Lilly's pictures and watching her video, it is difficult not to care about her.  Many would say "just put her down."  People like us say "Let's fix her if we can."  We have no idea what Lilly's chances are after the testing. What we do know is Dr. Jim, Jessica Turner and his staff at the Vetria Pet Wellness and Surgery Center are working very hard to help Lilly.  I have personally been in contact with them.  They have assured me this is a real serious situation for a dog that is so loving and caring, it is worth it to fight.  So that is what we are doing.  We at The Dog Connection TV, End Animal Abuse-Cruelty-Torture with Rabbi Otis, Lee Day-Celebrity Pet Entertainer and many other organizations are stepping up to support this cause.

We are asking you to do whatever you feel comfortable in doing to be part of this campaign to help Lilly. Here are the options.

1.  Spread the Word by sharing this page on all Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.)  Copy on of the pictures/links and share if you really care.  

2.  Donate what you can to Lilly's Go Fund Me Page:  https://www.gofundme.com/29n93f8

3.  Mail a donation directly to:  Jessica Turner, Vetria Pet Wellness and Surgical Center, 7917 N. Armenia Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33604  (Check their Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/mivet.net/ )  Want to pay by Phone with your credit card?  Call Jessica Turner directly at (813) 932-9980