Interview of SurficeDog RICOCHET

SurficeDog Ricochet, aka SurfDog Ricochet, is a Golden Retriever from Southern California who lives her philosophy of "Paw It Foward". She has taught dog owners that their dog just might decide their own destiny. She teaches dogs and humans to use their individual gifts to help animals and humans in need. Ricochet lives with Judy Fridono and Rina, her BFF. Ricochet and Judy are the authors of "Ricochet - Riding A Wave Of Hope".

Oliver: Hello Ricochet, I'm Oliver, Canine Community Reporter for The Dog Connection. I am fascinated by how you went from puppy in-training to SurficeDog. Please tell us about your transformation.



Ricochet: I was slated to be a service dog for a person with a disability, but I have too much interest in chasing critters. So, I had to be released from that role. One day, while I was on the beach, I jumped on a surfboard with a 14 year old boy named Patrick Ivison. Patrick was run over by a car as a child and suffered a spinal cord injury that left him a quadriplegic. Ever since that day, I've been surfing with people who have disabilities, children with special needs, wounded warriors, and veterans with PTSD as a SurficeDog.

Oliver: I have been following you on Facebook for quite awhile. You are involved in quite a few causes. Please tell us about them.

Ricochet: There are too many to list ! I live a lifestyle of helping others by pawing it forward. I've raised more than $350,000 for human and animal causes.

Oliver: That is amazing! How can the public help with your causes?

Ricochet: They can go to my website: or join me on Facebook: or other social media sites under "Surf Dog Ricochet". Donations help, but sharing my fundraisers and campaigns helps a lot too!

Oliver: You live with Judy, your trainer and special human, and Rina, the golden lab. How do they help you with your goals? What activities are they involved in?

Ricochet: Judy is my facilitator. She helps me achieve anything I set out to do. Rina is the wind beneath my wings and is very supportive. Judy is involved in everything I do, and Rina is there to support me. Sometimes she comes to the beach, but she really doesn't like when I surf. She's afraid I'm going to drown or something! Woof!

Oliver: Thanks for the grrrreat interview !