How I saved my Mom by Baby Lovett

Baby Lovett

Hi, I'm Baby, a brown Chiweenie. I met my Mom when I was at the SPCA in Southern California. My family had surrendered me to the Shelter. When I saw my Mom it was love at first sight. When she looked into my eyes and I saw her beautiful and loving face, I wanted her to hold me and take me home with her. She decided she wanted me and was ready to take me home. But first I had to have my female parts removed (so I wouldn't have any babies). Then my new Mom could come and pick me up and take me home. . .Forever.

I know I changed my Mom's life from the moment I came to live with her and now her ex-husband. I wasn't prepared for what was happening to this woman that hugged me and put me into her arms with such love. At home, my Mom was a victim of domestic violence, and I mean on a daily basis! When I was around, I would go to the door to let her know I had to go potty so Mom could have an excuse to get out of the house, by telling her ex she was taking me for a walk. I went for long walks with her, which helped my Mom be away from the stress she was smothered in day after day.

Her life was really hard. Her ex controlled the money, the computer, the phone — everything. He didn’t give her access to bank accounts, she wasn't allowed to answer the telephone, she couldn't check e-mails, not even the mail box. She was so isolated from the outside world, including her friends and family, I knew the only one she had to help her through this big, huge thunderstorm was me. If my Mom and me didn't connect that first day I don't know what would have happened to her. When Mom was allowed to talk to her family and friends her ex sat right next to her (I made sure I was in between them), so she couldn't say much because she was afraid of being abused. This guy actually timed my Mom and me when we went to the supermarket or went shopping. If she was a bit longer than expected, she got yelled at which made me want to hide under the table. But I didn't. I was right by her side. In a way, his constant emotional abuse was harder for her to deal with than any physical abuse, because wounds heal but his words scarred her heart forever. I knew it was up to me to help her feel she mattered to me and I would take care of her. I knew she was walking on eggshells all the time so I was really good to not get him angry. But, with my Mom, no matter what she did, it just wasn't right. To him, she was always wrong.

I kept Mom going because I really do have a loving personality, and I love cuddles. Loyalty to my Mom was one thing I knew would give her strength and my unconditional love helped her to cope. And the moment we had a chance, my Mom packed up and we ran away without anything except each other. That's all we needed. We were determined to “make it through the rain” and start a new life. We found a shelter with a friend, who hid us both until we could get our lives organized. It was really a tense time.

We were penniless, but Mom knew in her heart that all would fall slowly into place once we were safe and by ourselves. When we arrived in San Francisco, shelters didn't allow dogs. But guess what? I was the first dog accepted into a domestic violence shelter! When we left the shelter Mom found a small little apartment which we finally called home, it was a calm happy place for both of us. I spoiled Mom rotten and she did me. Mom cried a lot, but I was always there to let her know I was there for her. I was trying to make up for everything she had been through and I think in a way she was saying thanks to me for keeping her sane and happy through the tough times.

Now I know you're going to get upset when you read this part, but don't. I got sick with IMHA in 2010. I was 6 years old but I just couldn't hang on so I crossed over Rainbow Bridge. It was tough for my Mom because I was her trooper, her rock, her Best Friend. I was everything to her as she was to me. Today, when I see her crying I know she remembers all of our wonderful times and how blessed we were to have each other. We really did “Make It Through The Rain.” Mom's social worker at the time told her something which has kept her going and helped her with her grief. She said “Baby came into your life when you both needed each other, she now knows you are safe so she has moved on, it is her way of saying it’s time to rescue a new baby”

Layla Lovett

Three months after I went to Pet Heaven, I was looking for another FurBaby for Mom and I found Layla at a rescue. I'm Mom's FurAngel, so when she saw Layla at the Carson Shelter she thought she was sent from Heaven, and she was. Mom knows Layla won't take my place but she is there to be Mom's Best Friend and take care of her like I did. Layla makes sure Mom laughs and she keeps her on her toes. She can't imagine life without her. I'm so glad I made the right choice for my Mom in Layla.

Because of what Mom has been through, first being rescued by me and then by Layla, she decided to honor us both by helping Rescue Organizations. A few months ago Mom launched , an auction site for pet lovers who have pet stuff they want to sell knowing a percentage of all the profits go to help rescue organizations. It's our Mom's way of paying back to animals because Layla and I are the ones that were there for her when she needed help the most.

So if you are in her situation just know there are a lot of kind people who are willing to help. You should never stay in that situation. Always move on even if it means giving up everything. If you don't have a Dog you are missing an emotional bond that no human can give you. I would strongly suggest you adopt a dog from a Shelter or Rescue if you are being abused so you have the comfort and feeling of satisfaction knowing you do matter to someone. Is it time for you to move on? Do you have a major thunderstorm going on in your life? You can make it through the rain with a little help from your friends and furfriends.

Please help stop the violence