Welcome Chester & Pnut to CCR

New Canine Community Reporters come to help out.

Dis is Charlie.  Well my good buddies Chester and Pnut are ready to get going with being CCR;s.  Looks like Pnut will be one of my helpers.  Hope he gets what dat means.  He'll have to do some heavy training ta get what I do.  Chester gets it all already.  But here's da really big news. 

Mardie Sachse is Chester and Pnut's Mom.  She's now working wit all of us ta make the news flow better.  She's gonna be talkin to dose people dat have really great products for us Canines.  What she gonna do?  She's gonna get dem ta give us Wholesale prices so we can offer dem to you with really great deals.  Won't dat be great?   

Mardie Sachse with her Canine Community Reporters; Chester & Pnut