Meet my Sister, a Creamsicle Corn Snake

submitted by Sunnie Day, Certified Canine Community Reporter, Harrison, AR


Hey, Ya'll!! Sunnie Day here, one of the newest Canine Community Reporters, and happy to be a part of the team!! I don't really have a 'specialty' yet, but today I wanted to howl about some of our other fellow creatures and being respectful of them, both in the wild AND as a part of families, too!! So, woofing specifically about our reptile and amphibian friends, this is my report.

This is me and my Mom and my sister Kamea

I have a 'little sissster', Kamea. She is a 4 year old Creamsicle Corn Snake that Mama and Daddy rescued and brought into our family. Kamea was barely out of the egg, just a tiny helpless baby they couldn't resist! She is NOT so tiny now, (BOL) between 4 & 5 feet long, but sweet as can be! She LOVES people, doesn't mind or bother me, so we get along just fine! She likes to explore when she comes out to play, and has many friends, including a handful of folks who were scared or unsure of her...until they met her. ;) Sometimes people have a fear that snakes and lizards etc, are not nice creatures or EVEN creepy, but really it's quite the opposite!

Wild baby my Mom helped

Now don't get me wrong, I may be a spoiled rotten Beagle who sees the good in everything, but there ARE dangerous creatures like this, too! It is important to always be careful, but don't judge a book by its cover, ya know? There are some breeds native to North America that are venomous or aggressive and COULD hurt you. But, for the most part, these wild creatures just want to live their lives, and would much rather avoid ya than have to come into contact with you at all!

However, sometimes it happens...Just yesterday Mama and I were outside on our back porch and a tiny little baby Blue Tailed Skink ran up and got ALL tangled in cobwebs and dried grass. She was in a heck of a mess!  Being a snake Mama, my Mom went straight on instinct to pick her up and gently free the little baby after calming her down some. After checking her out, we released her back into the garden (her home). She very well could have hurt herself, or worse, if Mama didn't stop to help!

My Mom carries Kamea in her purse too! 

So, when you happen across a lizard, snake, frog, or whatever that may not to be your 'thing', just respect them and they will respect you. This is their world, too, after all!! ALL of God's creatures are created equal and deserve to live a happy life! Also, if you HAVE a fear, it's ok...just do like me, treat it like the vacuum cleaner and avoid it until it's gone!!! Heehee, hope Ya'll enjoyed my thoughts, and thanks for taking your time reading about me stickin' up for my not so furry lil pals!! EVERY creature, big and small deserves to be safe and happy. Hope Ya'll have a terRUFFic weekend, Hugs and Beagle Love -Sunnie Day-