CCR reporter makes cameo appearance

Look carefully as you watch the recycling video recently produced by Solid  Waste Agency of Lake County (SWALCO) titled, "Recycle First-Trash Last: Recycle In Every Room of Your House." 

"You'll see me,   Max A Pooch your environmental reporter making a cameo appearance

copyright 2013 Artist Kathy Tarochione

copyright 2013 Artist Kathy Tarochione

You may not recognize me without my CCR,  red hard hat and yellow safety vest. Never-the-less that's me pitching in to help my favorite recycling organization get the message across to humans.... Recycle! And, that not only means your trash, but dogs and cats. If you are thinking of adding one to your household, visit a shelter and recycle (rescue) a dog or cat that needs a home.

About Max A. Pooch

Max is not only a Canine Community Reporter, he is our Canine Environmental Advocate & Canine Champion of Animals and Environment. He recycles because he is a recycled (rescue) dog and performs by picking up bottles and other litter to remind humans to think before thy throw things away... bottles or animals.  Website: Max A. Pooch