Tail-tell signs can lead to good fishing

Max A Pooch explains to his human Keith, how litter can help Keith find good fishing spots.

Max A Pooch CCR Environmental Reporter, Champion for Animals and Environment and Inspiration for Max A Pooch’s Awesome Animal Advocates.

Humans leave litter behind wherever they go. They drop more stuff than pigeons drop on a statue in a city park.. Some humans leave a trail of litter that Hansel and Gretel would be proud of.

It isn’t not surprising that many fisherhumans litter.. Their litter will include paper wrappers, plastic soda and water bottles, beer cans and beer bottles. You know the everyday common stuff that humans leave behind them.

Then there’s stuff unique to fishermen; empty bait containers that once held worms, snarls of fishing line that was cut to clear a fishing reel  and thrown on the ground.  The line is nasty stuff because birds, amphibians and animals can become caught in it. Even worse sometimes there is still a hook attached…ouch!

This pooch can’t pass a plastic bottle that a human dropped on the ground without a strong compulsion to pick it up and either bring offending litter to my human, or deposit it in a nearby trash or recycling container.

So, what does this have to finding good fishing?

When I walk with my human along river banks or lake shores I have noticed that in addition to the typical litter, sometimes there is a concentration of litter.,  
You can usually know for sure these concentrations of litter are popular fishing spots because there are also empty bait containers, snarls of fishing line and other fisherhuman stuff. (Warning, watch out for fishing line, hooks and other bad stuff.}
And this is how you humans can find good fishing spots. Look for concentrations of litter left by other fisherhumans  on river banks or lake shores.  

Here is a hint. If you are a fisherhuman and don’t want other humans to find your favorite fishing hole. Leave it cleaner than you found it. Pick up your own litter and any other litter that was there.

Hmm, that is a pretty good idea anytime you take a walk outdoors.  Don’t litter. Pick up litter you see. Leave nature like it is, natural. I know I won’t miss the litter. Instead of feeling compelled to pick it up, I can be doing things canines should be doing, like looking for squirrels and bunnies.

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