The News is coming from the Dogs at The Canine Community Reporters News!

We've Officially Launched "The Canine Community Reporters News" Website!!! 

Thanks so much We would really appreciate it if you would share this.  We  are on our way to helping Shelter Animals find homes.  We are blessed,  humbled and grateful to have this great opportunity. It's been a lifetime dream of mine to be part of an effort to help the animals that is truly fun, rewarding and effective.  What a journey it's been over the last 3 years creating this concept.  I couldn't have done it without the help of so many talented people.  My "Bonus Son" Jim Bumgardner who does all the production and the voice of Charlie has been really amazing.  Arlene Klein owner of Designing Poet and Mom of SCOUT & NALA.  Rosary Bovello, Oliver's Mom, Keith Sanderson, Max A. Pooch's Dad and our awesome PR Specialist, Jim Allen, Roxy's Dad, Paul Flotron, Turk's Dad, Alicia Bumgardner, Lilly's Mom and our Marketing Arm, Debby Martin, Kirby The Dorkie's Mom, Melissa, Sunnie Day's Mom, Slyvia Myers, Oscar's Mom and of course my FurKids Charlie & Mandie Tarochione.  You are the best and I look forward to so many years of loads of fun.  Most of all the rewards of knowing we are truly "Making a Difference" and helping find homes for the Animals, giving them a voice and helping people to understand their pets.  How great is that!

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Press Release: Canine Community Reporter Barks the News from a Dog’s Perspective

So Sorry Folks!  We're in Arkansas, not Alaska.  There's always been a confusion about AK or AR.  I see that, don't you?  Ok, it is what it is.  Anyway, here the promotion.

Picture A Moment Pet Productions' new website is part of a unique strategy that will help bring awareness of the 9 to 11 million companion animals that are euthanized annually in shelters

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