Oliver's Trip to Oklahoma City June 2-8 2013

copyright 2013 Artist Kathy Tarochione

On the evening of May 20, 2013 a devastating tornado swept through Moore, Oklahoma, bringing destruction and loss of life to the town's citizens.  Many pets were left without homes and were found wandering around frightened and disoriented.

Local animal rescues stepped up to find lost pets and to shelter them until their owners could reunite with them.  Unfortunately, some pets are still waiting for their owners and some will need new homes because their families are gone or unable to provide for them.

The Animal Resource Center of Oklahoma City is one group that is providing a temporary shelter for cats and dogs. An adoption event is being held on June 22 for pets that have not reunited with their families.

I visited with the sixty dogs and thirty cats residing there during the week of June 2-8.  The dogs are housed in a large room within the building in separate crates.  Every dog has some toys, dishes, blankets or bedding and their own crate. Many volunteers take them for walks and feed them a few times a day. They give them love and attention to help them adjust to the loss of the home they used to have.  Veterinarians and technicians make sure they are healthy.

The cat room is on the other side of the building.  Kitties have a comfy crate with bedding, dishes and toys of their own.  Three litters of kittens are growing up very fast and entertaining the volunteers with their antics.  A mother cat came to the shelter with her already weaned kittens.  Then three babies were found who needed a mom and she took them over as her own.  A chiropractor has visited the cats and given them massages. Aromatherapy has been used to help calm the stressed cats and kittens.

I am happy to report that all the pets I visited were doing very well and looking forward to reuniting with their families or finding love in a new home.  They asked me to tell everyone thanks for all the donations of food, supplies, and toys. There have been over a hundred reunions so far at the Animal Resource Center.