NALA (I'm the CAT...remember me)?? KLEIN

copyright 2013 Artist Kathy Tarochione

This is NALA KLEIN (the cat) reporting...Good morning from sunny Sarasota, Florida.

It's a great day and I'm enjoying my time lulling on my chair on the terrace. I am watching the squirrels running up and down the trees and the birds fluttering their wings.

But, today I'm seeing more than that!! There is a Mommy cat (Feral) who had a litter of kittens a few weeks ago. My Mommy and the people in the community where we live are very concerned. I'm worried, too!

I knew what it was to be homeless. Fortunately, for me it was only a short time until someone saved me. But, for these kittens and their Mommy, life is not good. They're subject to disease, wild animals, hurricanes and many more things that can harm them. The caring animal "pawsons" are trying to save them and give them a chance to a happy, healthy, safe life.

People, listen up!!!!! Protect your dogs and cats!!! Keep them safe and don't let them run free, without your watchful eye. It can be a pitiful situation, perhaps even death.

SCOUT, my "brother" at Rainbow Bridge joins me in sending you this message.

Happy Tuesday and make it a special day for your beloved pets.

NALA (Meow, meow, meeeoowww).

NALA Klein

NALA is a Feline reporting the news from her canine brother, SCOUT's perspective. SCOUT is reporting to NALA from Rainbow Bridge. Her mom, Arlene Klein and dad, Ron Klein are so very proud of her. She filled a deep void in their hearts when SCOUT died a few short months ago. DESIGNING POET is the creator of DOGGIE NOTE CARDS, THE 'PAWFECT TIME" PENDANT WATCH and poems for pets and people. Arlene Klein is Author of I NEVER WANTED TO SAY GOODBYE, a book of poems on pet loss. Gentle words to comfort those who mourn the loss of a beloved pet.