A House Is Not A Home Without A Dog Living There

I tink a lot about what's it's like for people dat really love animals and can't have dem in their homes.  Are you one of dose?  I like ta tink my buddies all got a great home and won't act up.  So here's what I decided ta do. 

Startin next week, I'm gonna tell you stories and have conversations wit my Mom and we'll be reporting them with video and pictures.  Most of it will be fun stuff, but a lot of it will be for dose people dat either don't have a pet or just lost one.  Either way, we're gonna "Celebrate" da lives of your furry family members and have a lot of fun doin it too!  So stay tuned for all the updates.   

Charlie Tarochione dressed up for his date with Abby

Charlie Tarochione dressed up for his date with Abby

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