Here's Charlie


Charlie Tarochione, Canine Community Reporter & Lead Anchor for WCCR.TV

Charlie the Homeless Hero Talks Rescue. . .stay tuned to WCCR.TV, broadcast from TKO8 TV in Harrison, Arkansas.

We welcome you all to join us when Mandie, the Canine Reporter from Heaven reports her God*Dog Connection helping Pets cross over Rainbow Bridge, Canine Community Reporters Skyler & Charlie as they welcome other worldwide Canine Reporters to join the news and of course our Charlie, also acting as Lead Anchor on WCCR.TV broadcasting through TKO8 TV in Harrison, Arkansas about the incredible stories of rescues, adoptions and crossing over into Rainbow Bridge. All with the mission to provide a safe haven for our pets, increase spay/neuter, create positive adoption awareness and Get These Furry Babies Forever Homes. Yeah!!!

Stay tuned for more to come!!!  We will soon be launching our "Canine Community Reporter Program" for Dogs worldwide to sign up and report the news from their perspective around the world.  As a Canine Reporter you'll receive your official downloadable certificate, Canine Press Pass and the ability to upload your photos, stories and videos to the community website.  Let us know if you'll be wanting to participate~

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If you don't know about Charlie, he was with a homeless man for years and then given up to the Ozark Humane Society. My Mandie from the Canine Community Reporters was killed on December 1, 2012 by one of my neighbors cars. I contacted the OHS to Foster Home a female dog in need. Kelly Summers Starkey from the OHS told me about a few available, but not female. Charlie really wasn't on the radar at that time. When I was there, I kept looking at Charlie and then he jumped up on me and knocked me into a chair. I knew he was the one because he picked me! When I brought him home he lifted his leg 5 times and got into everything. He was a typical bad boy. But after a few days he managed to make his way into my heart. He is now my forever furry little boy and I'm so proud of him. He's now our new SpokesDog for and also a Canine Community Reporter.

So our Charlie went from Homeless to being a TV Star. And it all happened in Harrison, Arkansas.

Now that's a success story if I ever heard one, and for sure. . .newsworthy.