Sewing CAGE COMFORTERS for shelter animals

This is to encourage ANYONE to make cage comforters for shelter animals. It gives the animals so much security and happiness, and can even help them to get adopted, because they feel more at ease. The sewing can be done by hand or machine, and the result does not have to be perfect ... the animals love them no matter what! You can also make them as pet comforters for your own pets, but it is especially nice if you contact your local shelter and ask them if they can use "cage comforters," and even ask them if they prefer a certain size.

Kathy Tarochione

I'm a PET LIFESTORY DESIGNER and Owner, (PhoDOGrapher, Digital Artist, ViDOGrapher and 3D Animation Specialist) with PICTURE A MOMENT PET PRODUCTIONS LLC. I call myself a Pet LifeStory Designer because I create stories around my clients which mainly are DOGS. I find that Pets, especially dogs have so much to tell and sometimes they just can't get their story out to everyone.