Jewely for my friends Moms!

Hey, my Mom just made friends with a really neat lady named Lisa Greene. She's this great artist. Wanna know what she does? She makes this really great jewelry with all kinds of DOG earrings, rings, lockets, necklaces and so many other things. I told my Mom (you know I always have to give her advice when it comes to stuff about dogs) to get some of this jewelry so my friends can show their Moms too! Isn't that a great idea? Hey everyone, why don't you look at Lisa's Facebook Page. It's got a really cute name too. It's called Fine ARF Collection. Let me know what you like so I can get my Mom to order it. OK? Thanks, I'll be waiting. 

Kathy Tarochione

I'm a PET LIFESTORY DESIGNER and Owner, (PhoDOGrapher, Digital Artist, ViDOGrapher and 3D Animation Specialist) with PICTURE A MOMENT PET PRODUCTIONS LLC. I call myself a Pet LifeStory Designer because I create stories around my clients which mainly are DOGS. I find that Pets, especially dogs have so much to tell and sometimes they just can't get their story out to everyone.