My New YOUTUBE Channel

mandie_funny by Kathy Tarochione
mandie_funny, a photo by Kathy Tarochione on Flickr.
I just got a new YouTube Channel that I'm crazy about. I think it would be really great if you would subscribe to My Channel. You wanna know why? Because then you get to know when I've made some new videos. Doesn't that sound great. Well, just click on the link below and it will bring you to My Channel. I'm just getting used to this new technology too! Isn't it great?

If you want the address for my YouTube Channel to give to all your friends, well, here it is:

Kathy Tarochione

I'm a PET LIFESTORY DESIGNER and Owner, (PhoDOGrapher, Digital Artist, ViDOGrapher and 3D Animation Specialist) with PICTURE A MOMENT PET PRODUCTIONS LLC. I call myself a Pet LifeStory Designer because I create stories around my clients which mainly are DOGS. I find that Pets, especially dogs have so much to tell and sometimes they just can't get their story out to everyone.