I'm Mandie, Your Canine Commuity Reporter

Hi Everyone, I'm just getting started with this Blogging Stuff.  If you have any advice for me, I sure would appreciate it.  Well, anyway, here's what I'm gonna start with from now on.  Every day when I go out on the town (with my mom. . .bummer) I'm going to interview people and see what they're doin.  I have lots of ideas that I know you'll like.  'What I really like is I get to wear this really cute hat, my favorite sunglasses and my custom made T-Shirt that says "Community Reporter. . .in training."  My Mom put "in training" because in case I screw up she figures you guys will understand. 

Well, my Mom also got me this really neat PetCam that I wear on all my interviews.  What's really great is YOU get to see exactly what I'm seeing.  Ever see a dog or cat butt from my view?  Well, now you will, that's for sure.  I'm havin so much fun doin this.  Look forward to my posts and videos so you can see what goes on in My World.

Hey, I really love you guys for helping me with my new job.  I haven't screwed anything up yet have I?  If you want, you can let my mom know how good I'm doing or you can see what we both do at Picture A Moment Pet Productions.

Kathy Tarochione

I'm a PET LIFESTORY DESIGNER and Owner, (PhoDOGrapher, Digital Artist, ViDOGrapher and 3D Animation Specialist) with PICTURE A MOMENT PET PRODUCTIONS LLC. I call myself a Pet LifeStory Designer because I create stories around my clients which mainly are DOGS. I find that Pets, especially dogs have so much to tell and sometimes they just can't get their story out to everyone.