The Charlie and Friends Show - Webisode 1

How to be a friend like your dog has friends.  Did you ever notice that Dogs don't have grudges.  They don't get angry and not talk to anyone for weeks at a time.  They don't gossip or get involved with mudslinging.  If they have a problem they handle it immediately.  Every animal that comes in contact with a Dog knows immediately if they are going to be friends or not.  If there is a fight, it's either settled or they are not friends.  It's just that simple. 

So why do we carry grudges?  Why do we want Revenge?  Why do we go out of our way to make other people's lives miserable if we don't like them?  Isn't it better to settle your differences and either be friends or move on.  Why hurt someone else?  Why, why, why? 

Dogs have an easy solution and they stick by it.  It's a lesson all humans should learn.  When a Dog gets upset or angry, they are over it in 2 seconds.  They live in the moment.  They forgot what the argument was about almost immediately.  Do you get that?

I know you think it's difficult to do that.  But as a Dog I can tell you that most of the time when I get angry it's because someone either wants my treat, my food or my toys.  If I'm really good friends with them, I share and don't mind at all.  But if I'm not their friend, I let them know immediately "This is Charlie's stuff!" 

Do yourself a favor and forget about holding grudges.  You have a life to live.  Planning on how you can get revenge or hurt someone else takes away from your quality time with your family and your real friends.  So learn from your Dog. . .. . You're life will be so much better and happier.  Ask my Mom, she'll tell you. 

Hey everyone, thanks so much for being part of our Family Pack.  I sure do love you guys and all my Canine Community Reporter pals too.  Two Paws up for the Webisode.  ~Charlie Tarochione