Pets Teach Humans Proper Dining Etiquette

When it comes to proper Dining Etiquette, the Pets from FreshPet have it down pat.  We were so impressed with how gracious they are, we've decided to include them in The Canine Chef Shows. 

For years our Pets have watched their Humans eat in some pretty particular ways, so now here's the chance for our Pets to teach their Humans about proper Etiquette when dining.  

As Chef Gayle Pruitt says "It's not only important to create meals for your Pets that are healthy, but joining them at mealtime can be fun as well."  The problem in the past for the Dogs I know is every time they eat with their Humans, they are soooooo sloppy.  Food all over their shirts, no napkins, mustard on their cheeks and a lot, I mean a lot of spills.  We're used to cleaning up after our Humans.  As a matter of fact, my Mom encourages me to pick up the crumbs.  I don't mind, but if she would only learn how to eat right.  So this group is going to make a huge difference in how Humans eat. 

If your Dog is a natural at eating good food and you can demonstrate how they eat to us, it's possible we can use your video clips, pictures and stories on our show. 

~ Charlie Tarochione, Canine Community Reporter, Lead Anchor for The Dog Connection TV