The Canine Chefs Show - Webisode 1

Meet Chef Bella

We have several Canine Chefs with us.  They are Canine Community Reporters for The Dog Connection TV

This first Webisode is from Chef Bella, The Diary of Bella.  Chef Bella is a natural in the Kitchen.  She has trained her Mom, Jessica, to cook for her and her Dad just the way she likes it.  Quite a number of her dishes she has coined "Throw It In A Pot" dishes which are sure to have your Dogs begging for her food.  So listen to Bella as she tells you about this great Thanksgiving tip.  

Enjoy the Show!

TRANSCRIBED FOR THE HEARING IMPAIRED: " Welcome to All Access Throw It In a Pot. I'm your Host - Bella. And this Thanksgiving dinner is going be a little different for me. I'm gonna have to have my turkey pulverized with a food processor. Yeah. I mean we're gonna blast it til there's no tomorrow. Yeah, we're gonna make it into a paste. Yeah. And then we're gonna add some water to it. And then Momma's gonna get this Gerber baby food that's cranberry turkey and she's just gonna add just a little pinch of it for some flavoring. Yeah you don't want too much. You just want a little, and you go "BAM" in the pot. And then I'm gonna run and I'm gonna get in my Bailey chair and I'm gonna shut the door and then I'm gonna open my mouth like a baby bird while that little airplane on that spoon comes into the hanger and I'm gonna have the best Thanksgiving there ever was! Now Momma, I hope you wrote this recipe down. "


Be sure to stay tuned for more episodes with our other Canine Chefs.

Chef lexie-lu

Chef Jillybean

Chef Jillybean

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