These documents are being made available through this page for Animal Lovers, Seniors pledging to help animals, Media, Legal Professionals, Adult Protective Services, and all organizations relating to Elder Financial Exploitation and Abuse.  

Kathy Tarochione with her Dog, Charlie

These are the documents of proof regarding this article.  (Click here to read article/video)  .  I'm Kathy Tarochione, a 70 year old disabled Widow.  I believe that I have been a victim of Senior Financial Exploitation by lending money I couldn't afford to lose  (because it was originally earmarked to be pledged to help Dogs in need) to people that never paid it back. If you know me, you know that I have dedicated over 50 years to help animals and I run The Dog Connection TV.  I'm a die hard Dog Lover and do the best I can the help in any way I can.  So taking money away from "My Dogs," (I consider the dogs I help, mine) is a pretty difficult thing to do.  I usually don't lend money, I give it.  But in this case I really couldn't afford to lose it, so I was stupid.

I have reported the exploitation to Investigator Mike Eddings from the Boone County Sheriff's Office.  I am grateful for all the help I have received from law enforcement, legal professionals, family, friends, Adult Protective Services as well as the Senior Financial Exploitation/Abuse organizations.  

Because of the fact that I have a diminishing capacity due to Stage 3 COPD/Congestive Heart Failure, I was taken advantage of by being misled into believing a local couple were in desperate need of financial help.  I was told they desperately needed money to pay their mortgage, utilities, gas and keep food on the table for their family.  I was asked for money and was promised (see loan repayment agreement) a return of the loan in a timely fashion.  I not only loaned the money, but they began to ask for more money before they even started repayment.  There was a total of 8 loans and never was I ever provided with proof of any financial urgency or necessity.  According to a Detective at Stop Elder Financial Exploitation, this is common with these types of situations.  Why didn't they provide at least a "notice of shutoff?"  Quite simply, because there were no financial emergencies.  I was being financially exploited and I have never received the money back.  These were personal loans and had NOTHING to do with my business.  I realize I was quite foolish to lend money I couldn't afford to lose, but I did.  But I feel more foolish for lending money to people that I believed were really in need of serious help, but only to find out they didn't really need the money at all.  Because I am an Animal Lover and favor Dogs, I am truly heartbroken because I was unable to help the Dogs I traditionally had been doing by pledging my money to help them.  It has left me emotionally and spiritually broken.  I can only feel sorry for these people that felt it necessary to take this money from a Senior Citizen that was helping the animals.  It is a very sad and compelling story. 

I've been asked many questions about Senior Financial Exploitation since this article was written by the Media and National TV stations.  I am prepared to continue with a Series known as "Senior's Lives Matter Too" which will be about Seniors that pledge money to help animals and may be financially exploited by family, friends or strangers.  It is our hope, with the help of the media, to get this information out for I wasn't aware just how widespread it is.  Just Google it and you'll see.  I hope these documents can help the media with their stories.  I will be available early February 2016 for interviews.  I will continue to tell my "true story" with this ongoing Series and hope we can be in contact with other Seniors who are also being financially exploited.  Thank you all for your interest, concern and offers to do some funding campaigns for me.  It is greatly appreciated.  

When The Dog Connection TV was started we anticipated enlightening and engaging people to understand their Dogs and learn from them.  Now that we have over 40,000 Fans and reaching over 4,000,000 people weekly, we believe people are beginning to learn and their lives have become so much better.  What greater success can we ask for, knowing we are helping people and at the same time, helping Dogs.  Thank you all for your support.

The following documents require Adobe Reader to view.  If you don't have it you can download it here: 

The following are Business Documents relating to Jim Bumgardner's  Sweat Equity Partnership with Picture A Moment Pet Productions LLC.  After he walked away from the partnership, he was given an opportunity to provide work for the company in exchange for his debt.  He declined the offer.These documents have nothing to do with the personal loans, however, Kathy Tarochione did pay him for his services by deducting the cost of his services from his personal loans. It is also a demonstration and an example of what can happen when a Senior lets anyone get involved with people they have made partners in their Corporation.  That is the only way the debt is related to the business.  


National News has  currently picked up our Dog Abuse story, so we will not challenge, only VERIFY that whatever is being told is the truth and nothing but the truth. We will continue to post the legal documents to support this issue. wE WILL BE POSTING VIDEOS AS WELL TO HELP THE MEDIA IN GATHERING INFORMATION.